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Handcrafted French Style Cases

At Northwind Cases, Inc., in Tucson, AZ, we create high-quality, French style custom cases for top-of-the line flutes, piccolos, and oboes. We use a combination of traditional methods, while incorporating the latest technologies.

How They’re Made

All of our cases are designed and built to fit your instrument, and we use your measurements to eliminate movement and rotation.

Our cases are made using the traditional French style, where the shell is made of basswood, with rounded corners and the interior routed to accommodate the instrument. We then hand stretch kidskin leather or a man-made version over the shell. The interior is lined with top-of-the-line plush velvet in your choice of four colors.

Interior blocking is custom-cut and covered to fit each particular instrument and we use the finest German-engineered and manufactured catches. These are the most durable hardware we have found.

All of the manufacturing processes are performed at our Tucson facility, blending handcraftsmanship, state-of-the-art woodworking techniques and environmentally safe glues.

We make these cases for wood and precious metal flutes, piccolos, combination flute-piccolos, and “special” cases, which involve all sorts of variations and special features for flutes and piccolos. We also make French style oboes, English horns, combination oboes or English horns, as well as cases for reeds.

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